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Car Air Vent Phone Holder Mount

You Pay: £1-£5.50
You Save
£9.50 - £14
Limited Availability


The Air Vent Clip Holder Is Designed To Hold Your Phone Or GPS In Place For Use Whilst Driving.

Insert your Smartphone, adjust up and down, tilt, and rotate 360-degrees with one hand for safer driving.

Expandable support arms (up to 110mm) firmly hold any device up to 4.5 Inches.

Support arms fitted with foam insert for non-damaging secure holding.

The adjustable bracket at the bottom creates a resting shelf for additional support.

The Vent Connector Can Fit Horizontal &Vertical Vents.

No suction cup, no sticky pad necessary. No tools required. Long Lasting

This deal is offered by BB1 Gadgets

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Package Content: 1x In Car Mobile Phone Mount

Fine Print:

Delivery - £0.99

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Automatically redeemed on purchase