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4 Pieces Triangle Bed Sheet Clips Adjustable

You Pay: £1-£5.50
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£9.50 - £14
Limited Availability


A perfect fit for all types of beds, even adjustable beds, hide-a-beds, RVs, etc

Keep bottom sheets on mattresses, adjustable beds, inclining beds, Bed Sheets, baby’s cribs, tablecloths, ironing board covers, slipcovers and more

Adjustable length to work for all sheets like flat or fitted sheets

Adjustable heavy duty elastic straps with sturdy metal clips, fit for 2 bed sheets sides, one used diagonally for each corner of the bed. 2 pull side clips for each corner to hold the sheets firmly in place

High-quality elastic bands provide strong and long-lasting grip

Well-made chrome clips are sustainable and will not break easily

Built-in plastic teeth will hold the mattress sheet tight while not harming the fabric.

Material: Plastic buckle + Elastic band & Metal Clips

Band Width: 20mm

Length: Adjustable from 3″ to 7″ Inches


  1. Easy application Simply clip both ends of one band onto the edges of the sheet on the underside corners/middle of the mattress.
  2. Then repeat for the other band.
  3. The sheet fasteners will hold the bed sheet firmly in position and prevent it from slipping off the mattress.

This deal is offered by BB1 Gadgets

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Package Content: A set of 4 Pieces Triangle Mattress Bed Sheet Holder Clips

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