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About Us

We are…

DiscountDice, a “deal a day” site that uses the power of group buying or bulk buying to get unbeatable deals on the best stuff.

How it works…

Here at DiscountDice we believe the buying process should be fun and needs a shake up. With us you will get unbelievable discounts guaranteed.

However, why settle for any old discount – roll the dice on any and all deals that you want and reveal the exclusive discount we have just for you.

We only sell stuff we would want to buy ourselves!

What’s the point of offering you a deal on something we wouldn’t buy ourselves? We believe in honesty and so a great price isn’t everything – it’s also got to be a great product or service. We have top business partners and unbeatable prices, so you should feel comfortable venturing out and trying something new simply because we have featured it as a DiscountDice.